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  • Foundation alternatives analyses
  • Borrowpit Investigation
  • Pavement Design
  • Earth dam design
  • Lateral Support design
  • Embankment and excavation slope stability evaluations
  • Soil improvement recommendations
  • Settlement analysis and monitoring
  • Soil and rock bearing capacity Recommendations
  • Stability analyses of embankment
  • Stability analyses of slopes, channels and excavations
  • Cantilevered, anchored, and braced sheet pile analyses
  • Retaining and wall analyses
  • Seepage analyses
  • Dewatering design

Geophysical - Geo-mechanics

  • Determining In-situ
    • Poison’s ratio
    • Youngs modulus
    • Shear Modulus
    • Bulk modulus
  • Computing borehole volume and diameter

Geophysical - Optical Televiewer

  • Continuous 3D image of borehole wall – irrespective of the depth of the hole
  • Automatic calculating of dip and dip direction of all picked discontinuities and presenting statistical plots showing the distribution of these discontinuities
  • Automatic correction according to True north
  • The dips and dip directions can be used to determine open pit slope stabilities
  • Evaluation, identifying and detection of faults and their dip & dip direction
  • Measuring the gap between cracks
  • Correlation of crack frequencies with in-situ permeability tests (Lugeon) – especially for proposed dam design purposes
  • Identify and logging different rock types – elimination expensive coring drilling
  • Holes filled with mud and or crude oil can be logged as above with the acoustic televiewer
  • The actual deviation of a borehole could be evaluated in 3D

Geophysical - Mineral Exploration using Geophysical Techniques

  • Locate with accuracy coal beds or seams
  • Measuring the extension of metallic ore bodies
  • Delineation of diamond bearing rocks
  • Uranium exploration

Geophysical - Water

  • Rock Permeability and porosity
  • Water quality analyses – salinity measurement
  • Salt-water intrusion studies
  • Geothermal gradient logging


Investigating the reasons and causes for structural cracks in developments, for Insurance and litigation purposes. We can also set up an ongoing monitoring of this real time crack data readings

Soil and rock testing

  • Plate bearing load tests
  • On site Rock core point load testing
  • SPT and DPSH testing
  • Site explorations including drilling and cone penetrometer tests (CPTs)

Disposal Site management

  • Slope stability monitoring of sites
  • Tailings and mine waste Engineering
  • Closure planning
  • Capping design and decommissioning


We use instrumentation to monitor soil, rock, groundwater, and structural behaviour.

We install and monitor piezometers or inclinometers to fully automated ground-displacement and pore-pressure measuring systems. Data can be collected, processed, and plotted in near-real time for responsive conclusions.

Installing, operating, and maintaining water-quality meters and weather stations for environmental monitoring.